News 12 Dec 2020 (for Affiliates)
KatFile can pay To Tron (TRC20 or ERC20) From Jan 2021

News 10 Jun 2020

API Mod Activated.
This mod enables upload/download REST JSON API for your site. Supported functions are:

Get user’s account info/status
Upload with URL
Upload to server with POST request
File and folder management: get file/folder list, rename, clone, ger direct link

News 21 May 2017

Hello Dear Uploaders,
We put 1% of sales on PPD ( PayPerDownload ) plans that you see how much you sell premium account and if its good you change in to PPS ( PayPerSale ).

News 1 Apr 2017

Search for files, music, videos, images…

News 30 Mar 2017

Today is KatFile’s birthday
We increase PPD Rates for uploaders that use katfile on first link or only use katfile for sharing .













and uploaders that don’t put katfile first link we decrease 35% money at the time of payments .


News 7 Feb 2017
New PPD rates