Katfile Profit Mode


Uploading service up to 10GB for each file , Downloading in maximum quality. Earn money for your files! (videos, songs, software, Photos, drawings, articles and others.) Each registered user can become a KatFile affiliate and start earning.

1) Highest earnings among competitors.
2) Maximum comfort for affiliates. Fast Web and Remote upload. Detailed statistics. Accurate and strict payments.
3) Unlimited premium download speed. Your premium users will download files fast, secure and with joy.

PPD Offer (100% Downloads)

PLANS1 – 500 MB501 – 1024 MB1025 – 1500 MB1501 – 2048 MB2049 – 10000 MB//
PLAN A$8$12$16$20$50/
PLAN B$4$8$10$12$20/
PLAN C$2$4$6$8$15/
PLAN D$1$2$3$4$10/


All prices are for 1000 downloads.

Country Groups

Japan, Taiwan, Hungary, Greece, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Portugal, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Hongkong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Poland, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates

Netherlands, Vietnam, Portugal, Mexico, Argentina

Chile, Colombia, Philippines, Indonesia, Angola, Nigeria, Egypt

India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Other Countries

PPS Offer

Bargain rate :
you get 65% of the purchased premium accounts + 65% from rebills.

Mix Offer

30% of Sales and 30% Of Downloads.

Rules and Conditions

KatFile count every successful completed download.
Files smaller than 1MB do not qualify for points.
Minimum payout is $20 USD.
You will be disqualified and banned if you try to manipulate the affiliate system.
Downloads by your own account do not count.

Passive income
When user is registered with your referral link, 10% of his profits will be credited to your account.

Monthly payment, partners can receive payments from WebMoney, Tether, China Alipay, Bitcoin, Paypal and Perfect Money.

1. Do you accept adult content?
* Yes

2. What is the maximum file download speed for anonymous/free/premium users?
* Free : 100Kb/s and Premium : unlimited

3. Are there any Download Limits (like hourly limit)?
* Two Hours

3. Is there a Download Wait Timer (like 90 seconds before download is ready)?
* 30 Sec

4. Is there a Traffic Limit (like daily)?
* Free 2G and Premium Unlimited

5. What is the Max Upload File Size?
*Free 2G Premium 20G

6. What is the Max Download File Size?
*Free 2G Premium 20G

7. Do you offer Unlimited Storage (If storage is limited I will quickly run out of space)?
* Yes

8. How long do you keep the files?
* Free 30 days and premium 365 days without download

9. How many clicks per IP are you counting?
* Rates are high and we count 1 time .

10. What is the minimum payout?
* $25

11. Do you offer Paypal and WMZ ?
* Yes

12. How can I receive payouts and ensure the correct specification of my wallet number?

Below is a list of supported payout methods, and we will notify you if any new methods are added. To stay updated, add the Partner news widget to your account dashboard, where you can find all news in the Partner news section.

When adding payout details, adhere to the general rule of copying details only from your payment service, avoiding extra spaces. Exercise caution with cryptocurrency wallets to prevent errors, as typos in the wallet address or using a wallet from a different blockchain may result in irreversible payouts.

Here are the specific requirements for each supported payout method:

ADVCash (USD, $): Include a capital U and the wallet number, with spaces allowed (e.g., U 01234 5678 900).

BTC: Provide only the wallet address, excluding links, QR codes, etc. (e.g., bc1q4sujzk0lqpr088uwkecp3sawccnl09r6zy3src).

ETH: Provide only the wallet address, excluding links, QR codes, etc. (e.g., 0x2eAF3606DBD4c1812C8c2104EA3896ca1d3A8c90).

Skrill: To receive money all you need is a valid email address or phone number.

PayPal (USD, $): Do not use payment links (e.g.,; payouts are only sent to your PayPal account email address (e.g., paypal_payouts @

PerfectMoney (USD, $): Combine a capital U with the wallet number, without spaces (e.g., U0123456).

Neteller: same as skrill

Payeer: capital P and wallet number combined, spaces are not allowed. For example: P1000000

China Alipay

USDT TRC20: Set up a wallet from the correct blockchain, starting with a capital T (e.g., T9zG21).

WebMoney, WMZ: Combine a capital Z with the wallet number, without spaces; use Z only in UPPER case (e.g., Z012345678901).

To confirm a new payout method, follow the link in the email automatically sent when you add it.
If you haven’t received the email, check your profile’s listed mailbox, spam folder, and deleted mail folder.
If no emails are found, delete the added payout method and re-add it.


You may cease using the Service at any time. KatFile may terminate your use of the Service if KatFile reasonably believes you have breached any of the Terms.

Inactive account

KatFile may remove account income amount if there was no login within six month